CIDSO Buddy Walk
13th Annual
CIDSO Buddy Walk
September 23, 2017
Carden Park & Prairieland Elementary, 1300 Raab Road, Normal, Illinois

Create a Spirit Team

Spirit Teams are a way for individuals and families to join together and walk as a team to build unity and support. Spirit Teams are easy—come up with a team name and walk together. On the day of the walk, some teams are quite elaborate with themes, posters and costumes! There is no cost associated with Spirit Teams.

To create a Spirit Team:

  1. Complete the contact information.
  2. Come up with a name for your Spirit Team. Be creative, but make sure that people will be able to identify the name of your Spirit Team as belonging to you. It is best to have your name somewhere in the team name. 
  3. Use the Description Box to tell people who you are and why you are walking. Invite them to join your Spirit Team and to make donations to your team. 
  4. Upload a picture of yourself.

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